GDC Morning WACH 7-31-13

The GDC Morning WACH for 7-31-13

Here is your Good Day Columbia GDC Morning WACH for Wednesday July 31, 2013:

It was a wide open, wild Wednesday on the last day of July!

He may be little, but he can chomp!

Friends from the South Carolina Aquarium joined us with a baby gator, giant bull frog, a snake and more! The aquarium in Charleston is celebrating sharks August 1 through August 11. You can get more information about the jewel of the Holy City HERE.

Shop on the cheap!

As the annual tax free weekend begins this weekend, locally owned stores up and down Devine Street are celebrating with a sidewalk sale, where you can shop for up to 90 percent off. Yes, 90 percent! HERE are details on how you can make the most of your wallet, and keep the dollars local.

Is it spear phishing season?

Stephen Miano says yes. According to our texpert, these internet criminals target specific people, rather than sending out a million emails in hopes someone might get sucked in.

Phishing targets a broad and general audience, but Spear Phishers can use information from your Facebook posts or Tweets to build a more believable attack. For example, someone might send out a fake email from your boss, after studying how that person's tweets and Facebook posts are formatted. What slang they use, how they type; punctuation, etc. That way, you're more likely to click the link, because it looks legitimate, it appears from someone you trust, sounding like someone you trust.

Be cautious when clicking on strange links, even from people you trust. The sad truth is it's not going to be easy to protect yourself, beyond being vigilant, but when in doubt, get verification. Send an email back asking if the person ACTUALLY sent that link, or better yet, call them. Don't believe everything you see and hear on the internet, and if you are lucky, you won't get poked by a spear phisher!

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