Gentle giant retires after serving patients for years

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- He is almost 200 pounds and has spent many hours in the company of those who can use some comfort.

The seven year old Great Dane Levi has retired from pet therapy at the Palmetto Health Children's Hospital.

He has been working with children and adults since 2007.

The hospital hosted a retirement party for the Dane, and many gathered Tuesday to say farewell to Levi.

"It's sad to see that age has taken him, and the fact that his rear end cant keep up with the front end. The fact that he just doesn't have the stamina to go anymore," said his owner Kathy Younginer.

Kathy and Butch Younginer have 3 Great Danes including Levi.

Phoenix is 4 and also is a certified pet therapy dog, and then they have a puppy who will also be on the program.