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      COLUMBIA (WACH) - You can now take the best of WACH FOX with you wherever you go by browsing the new WACH FOX Mobile app.

      WACH FOX Mobile delivers you breaking news, weather alerts, sports and deals from Columbia and the Midlands.

      You can download the WACH FOX Mobile app now in the Google Play Store for Android and in iTunes for iPhone.

      Depending on your cell phone or tablet, it only takes a minute to install the app.

      Once it's done, find the app on the desktop.

      The latest WACH FOX News headlines, weather and deals will be at your fingertips.

      All news stories on the app include viewer comments and social media links.

      The app also lets you watch our videos anywhere you go.

      And just in time for hurricane season, there's a quick weather forecast and weather radar images.

      We've also included our WACH FOX Deals on our app making them quick and easy to buy on your cell phone or tablet.

      Take a look yourself and let us know what you think.

      With WACH FOX Mobile, you get:

      The latest news and information from

        Notifications when we have breaking news, weather alerts and featured deals 5-day forecast Animated SkyWACH Doppler radar Deals from restaurants, shops and other businesses around Columbia and the Midlands Updates on school closings and delays