Getting insurance for a wedding, a divorce, and a place to stay

Many brides-to-be have elected to obtain wedding insurance to help ease their mind.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - It is common to think about insuring a car, but these days just about anything of value can be covered.

It is said to be one of the biggest moments in a women's life, her wedding day.

There is so much that goes into planning the wedding from the flowers, to the dress and the reception. Many brides-to-be have elected to obtain wedding insurance to help ease their mind.

"We protect your wedding gifts against some type of physical loss. If there was damage at the reception, or if there was a storm or anything or even theft," said Milton Wright, SC State Farm Agent.

Wright says a policy can also ensure you don't lose money if the bride or groom is called away for military duty.

For some, the fairy tale can turn into a nightmare and end up in divorce.

Wright says believe it or not there are divorce policies out there.

"It's becoming more of a common thing unfortunately, and we see insurance is there to protect against things of that nature," said Wright.

Another overlooked insurance is for renters.

"Most owners of property or investors and property managers, they have protection against their property, as far as fixing the structure thats damaged or replacing things that belong to them if its stolen," said Wright.

Wright suggests getting renters insurance that will cover your personal items while you are a tenant.

Jewelry lovers, keep in mind that you can insure your bling.

"Jewelry is sentimental. An engagement ring is something a woman wants for the rest of her life," said Cliff Eleazer, Co-Owner of Heathcliffs Jewelers.

If you're trying to determine what to insure, here is a rule of thumb.

"If it has some type of verifiable value, in all likelihood you will be able to find insurance for something like that," said Wright.