Getting to know our citizen soldiers

Sgt. William Carlson is a member of the 169 Maintenance Squardron at McEntire Joint Air National Guard Base.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Recently, Governor Nikki Haleyâ??s husband Michael deployed to Afghanistan on a year long assignment with hundreds of others from his South Carolina National Guard unit.

Mr. Haley is among thousands of other local military servicemen and women playing a major role in the war on terror. It got us at WACH Fox thinking; why not introduce you to some of our Midlandsâ?? citizen soldiers who've answered to the call of duty.

Sgt. William Carlson is the one of them. Heâ??s a Midlands resident who just happens to be an American hero. Carlson is one of the guys on the ground in the 169th Maintenance Squadron in war time that makes sure the F-16s of the 169th fighter wing based at McEntire Joint National Guard base are fully loaded with the necessary weaponry when they fly into battle.

"When Iâ??m out here my primary mission is aircraft weapons systems; I load bombs missiles guns; anything that has to do with the weapons system for an F-16,â?? Carlson says.

When he's not on base, Sgt. Carlson is still protecting and serving in his day job.

He's a deputy with the Richland County Sheriffâ??s Department. Duty called and Sgt. Carlson answered. He says he couldnâ??t imagine doing anything else. "I do it because I love my country. I also get a since of pride on coming out here knowing that Iâ??m going to protect my family and your family and it's just something that makes me feel good."

Ten years down and at least 20 more to go; thatâ??s how much longer Sgt Carlson says heâ??d like to serve in the military before retiring.

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