"Ghost Bikes" memorializing lost cyclists

"Ghost Bikes" memorializing lost cyclists

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) -- More people are biking to work. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the cycling trend has increased by 60 percent over the past decade. More cyclists calls for more safety.

As you pass through the Midlands, you may notice white painted bikes chained up to a post. They're called ghost bikes and are meant to remember cyclists killed on the road.

Tim Malson places the bikes that are donated from Cola Town Bicycle Collective.

"We take a dilapidated bicycle, paint it white, chain it up, and usually put the name of the cyclist we're remembering," Malson says.

Currently, there are four ghost bikes standing across Richland County. Malson says he was told some have been removed by city officials for being a "danger to the motoring public". But he says he will continue placing the ghost bikes elsewhere.

The initiative started in St. Louis, Missouri and has been around for over a decade. But before a ghost bike memorial is even thought of, safety should be at the forefront.

Brian Curran, co-owner of Outspokin Bicycles, recommends everyone has front and rear strobe lights. Another key to bike commuting is know your route.

"I have customers come in all the time and say 'it's so scary to ride on the street'. I always say 'it depends on what street you ride on'," Malson says.

Malson says he plans to keep setting up ghost bikes to remind people that everyone is just trying to safely get from point A to point B.

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