Giving the gift of life with calcium

Prolacta is the only company in the country that specializes in making human milk fortifier for premature babies.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Got extra milk? If you TMre a nursing mom and the answer is yes, there are organizations and at least one company willing to take that extra breast milk off your hands.

There TMs a great need for donated breast milk and South Carolina mom Courtney Young is answering the call. Instead of selling it like some women, Young gives here excess breast milk away. "Instead of wasting it," Young says, "I found a website to send it off to and donate it. So I thought, if I'm not using it, I can donate it and help others."

Young, along with several other women from South Carolina pump and package their extra breast milk and ship it off to Milkin TM Mamas. The California based organization then sends it to Prolacta. The company fortifies the milk and sells it to hospitals which use the milk fortifier to feed premature babies. According to Milkin TM Mama's website "babies live because women like Young give." And because breast milk is a natural, experts say it really does do a premature baby's body good.

Human breast milk is extremely important for a premature baby. It has the optimal nutrition that a baby needs to grow, says Joe Fournell, VP of Operations for Prolacta. He says the company TMs milk fortifier gives premature babies a fighting chance. We can take our milk concentrate and add it to mom's own or donor milk and in essence it's like a protein shake that increases the caloric value to give them (premature babies) the best chance of survival.

As long as there's a need and as long as she can, Courtney Young says she'll continue to donate her precious resource. It's free for me to produce so; if I can help a little baby that's in need I TMd rather do that than sell it to the some joe smith off the street.

For every milk donation Milkin TM Mamas receives it donates five bucks, on the donor's behalf, to a charity that serves women, children or families in the United States. In the Midlands Palmetto Health Children's Hospital uses Prolacta's human milk fortifier to give premature babies the best chance to survival. To see and learn more about how Prolacta prepares its human milk fortifier, click here.

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