Going bald for cancer research

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)--Bald is beautiful; that was the theme at Jillian's in the Vista on Saturday.

The 7th annual St. Baldrick's Day event was held Saturday afternoon. Organizers say more than 200 people signed up to shave their heads; including more than 50 women.

The event brought in more than $60,000 that will go towards cancer research.

Coordinator Krystle Eckrote said shaving heads is a great way to symbolize one bond.

"It is about solidarity," Eckrote said. "The children that have cancer lose their hair. They do not have an option. So we are shaving our heads and letting them know that it is okay. We are going to do everything possible to raise money for childhood cancer research to help get rid of cancer one day."

Several deputies from the Richland Co. Sheriff's Department also participated. Proceeds will go to cancer centers all across the country; including in Columbia.