Good Day Columbia's Fraendy Clervaud experiences Facebook hack

Good Day Columbia's Fraendy Clervaud experienced a Facebook hack that also led to his email being hacked.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Iâ??ve reported about this all the time but never thought Iâ??d become the story. Somehow someone hacked into my Facebook account changing my profile information to an Anne Morrison and this hacker even deleted my picture albums that I worked hard to put together over the years. I needed help sorting this all out so I decided to pay WACH Foxâ??s Technology Expert Stephen Miano a visit.

â??With your account being compromised, theyâ??ve gone in changed your face, your name and your account no longer says Fraendy. Theyâ??ve also changed the email address that these emergency notifications go to,â?? says Stephen Miano.

Because of the breach in email even if Facebook sends you an email about changes to your profile you won't be able to access your personal email account to figure it out. But fortunately for me my personal email account is synced to my Blackberry and I don't have to sign in to get emails. So once Facebook noticed a password change was requested on my profile page, a notification was sent and thatâ??s how I knew something was wrong.

â??So what weâ??ve done is weâ??ve went to DEFCON Four. Basically we're picking three of your friends who you can contact via phone, they've got a super secret code that Facebook is going to give you. You put in those three codes and they basically lock your account for twenty-four hours, to keep the bad guys from turning back around and doing the same thing,â?? says Miano.

At this point I have to wait for the powers that be at Facebook to investigate the claim and turn my account back to me.