Good Day GDC Morning WACH 1-2-13

The GDC Morning WACH for 1-2-13

Here is your GDC Morning WACH for January 2, 2013:

Welcome to the new year! And what a way to bring it in with a huge win in Tampa from the Gamecocks.

Hello, 2013

Hours before the USC / Michigan faceoff, thousands of people flooded the intersection of Gervais and Main Streets to welcome in 2013. If you missed some of end of the year excitement, you can check it out



We hope you enjoyed some of the

traditional eats

of the new year, which promised happiness and wealth.

Winter Months Spell Trouble for Tablet and Smart Phones

Not the news we would want to hear, given the number of people who are sporting brand new high tech toys. However, with cold months come an unexpected problem for smart device users. Touch screens hate gloves!

While we are at it, do you wonder how the touch screen knows our touch? Steven Miano explains it this way:

â??People are run off electricity, and our skin carries a tiny electrical charge. Not enough to zap people with lightning, but enough that a device tuned correctly can pick that charge up, and using sensors, tell where on a screen we're touching. That capacitive charge transfers to the screen, and voila, dialing your friend, or playing Angry Birds.â??

You can hear more from this weekâ??s Tech Talk, and even get an understanding of why our phones arenâ??t smart enough to know when were are touching them with gloves on HERE.

Wild Wednesday return January 9

Wednesdayâ??s have been a fun for the last couple of years, as we have explored and had an up close and sometimes TOO personal look at some of the wild animals that live at

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden



are some of the highlights.

Wild Wednesday returns on January 9 to

Good Day.

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