Good Day Morning WACH 2-19-13

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Here is your GDC Morning WACH for Tuesday February 19, 2013:

Lace up and Face it!

Our friends from Palmetto Health Foundation is hosting the 2013 Colorectal Cancer Walk and Race on Saturday, March 2. The annual 5K event will start at the Maxcy Grace Park in Columbia, with the purpose of raising money for awareness about colon cancer, and provide much needed screenings and prevention. Get details about getting involved HERE.

Talented, works works well with others, and other buzz words that donâ??t work.

When building your resume, Lori Cook from the Richland Library Job Center says to stay away from â??nice-sounding but empty words.â??

Hiring managers look right past words or phrases like highly qualified, good communication skills, detail-oriented, multi-tasker, excellent customer service, team-player, and hardworker. Instead, job seekers need to identify solid examples of the skills they are highlighting.

Cook says that effective resumes show rather than tell. For example, instead of â??Works well in a fast-paced environment,â?? say â??Filled 150+ orders per shift with a 98% accuracy rate.â?? Avoid empty words that barely make a hum and choose powerful accomplishments that showcase your value to the company and how that value is different from every other candidate.

Check out more about the Job Center HERE.

Double trouble? Nope, but you will see double on the red carpet!

With all eyes west for the Academy Awards, there is a big moment for 2 young ladies here in the Midlands, as twins Rhonda and Sharee Washington will be covering the red carpet event. Meet the ladies HERE.

It tastes just like chicken â?? and itâ??s good for you!

Chef Gary joined us this morning with a heart healthy chicken dish that is easy to cook and yummy to eat. Ready to try his chicken souvlaki? It can feed four, and is as good for you as it is good.

Get the recipe HERE.

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