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The GDC Morning WACH for 2-27-13

Here is your GDC Morning WACH for Wednesday February 27, 2013:

Become a Loganâ??s Hero

This morning, we met 10-year-old Logan Moore, who is battling

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

. This brave young man, with the help of his family, host the â??Loganâ??s Run 5Kâ?? race scheduled for March 23 in Pelion.

You can get more info



Ready to talk tech?

Our head geek in charge of tech, Stephen Miano joined us to talk about gun control, a topic not usually covered in a conversation about technology, but when it comes to 3D printers the 2 worlds may be closer than you think.

Miano says:

With the recent rash of nationally publicized shootings dominating the gun control debate, it seems everyone has an opinion. but with recent developments in 3D technology allowing people to "print your own guns," is it even possible to regulate? Our resident texpert Stephen Miano is here today to tell us about a potentially disruptive technology, and how it might make gun control nearly impossible.

One of the most talked about guns is the A.R. 15... The A.R. stands for Assault Rifle, right?

Actually no, it stands for Armalite. That's the company that first designed that style of rifle. For a gun to be an "Assault Weapon" it has to have burst fire or automatic fire capability. Civilian AR 15's have neither. However, since A.R. shares the same letters as "Assault Rifle" Lawmakers and media have jumped on it.

The A.R. 15 style gun has been getting a lot of negative press because of it's high capacity magazine, and is at the core of some of the recent gun ban legislation. But you're telling us that 3D printing technology is presenting a unique problem?

It really is. 3D printing uses hot plastic or other materials to make objects in 3D. With the proper design, you can use a 3D printer to actually print up some of the core components of an A.R. 15, or other weapon. A.R. 15's are modular weapons, and the part that is actually regulated is called the lower receiver. That part has been successfully modeled and printed by a number of people nationally. 30 Round Magazines have also been modeled in plastic and used.

How would that be disruptive to gun control efforts?

Well, if people can simply download a file and then print out the core components of a gun, then registering and regulating them pretty much becomes impossible. Now, it's not quite as easy as we just made it sound, but in one or two generations, you're going to see this stuff readily available all over the web.

Bullies from the school yard to the work force

Every playground has a bully. A tough boy or girl, who uses force and intimidation to get their way. More and more, we are finding that the bully may grow out of the school, but the person may not out grow the bully.

This morning, we looked at the case of one woman who was subject of bulling case. Check it out


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