Gov. candidates weigh in on debate challenge

Third party candidate Morgan Reeves

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The back and forth continues in the South Carolina race for governor.

Democrat Vincent Sheheen has challenged Republican Nikki Haley to a series of Lincoln Douglas debates.

Sheheen suggested five debates on five different topics in five different locations in South Carolina.

The Haley campaign has responded by telling the South Carolina News Network they are open to a debate, but don't think Sheheen should determine the format, locations or topics.

They also took the chance to go after Sheheen saying the candidate is unclear as to whether or not he supports Obamacare in South Carolina.

In response to "Debate-gate," Carol Fowler of the state Democratic Party says, "It's no shock that Nikki Haley won't accept the challenge. She's too busy debating herself. She's for releasing tax returns until they're her tax returns. She's for releasing emails until they're her emails. South Carolina voters deserve honest leadership."

Also, third party candidate Morgan Reeves weighs in. Reeves says, "Vincent Sheheen and Nikki Haley are showing a bad example of democracy. All citizens should have the opportunity to compare every candidate on the issues we face."

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