Gov. Haley 3rd State of the State Address

Gov. Haley State of the State Address 2013.

COLUMBIA, (WACH/AP) -- South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is asking legislators in her third State of the State address to overhaul public school funding, improve the state's crumbling roads, and make prisons a safer place for the guards who oversee the most violent offenders.

The Republican governor also revives previous calls to restructure government and further cut taxes.

Haley says she'll work to improve residents' health, especially in rural areas, without expanding Medicaid.

Haley said in her prepared remarks that improvement will requre Medicaid beneficiaries to be more engaged in their health. "If a patient doesnâ??t follow a doctorâ??s advice to stop smoking or doesnâ??t take their medication as prescribed we end up spending more money than necessary, and more importantly, theyâ??ll never get healthy," Haley said. "We have to improve patient engagement â?? and stop rewarding bad behavior."

She also acknowledges the state should have done more to protect taxpayers' personal data and pledges to increase cybersecurity across agencies

Democratic strategist Antjuan Seawright says he would have liked more detail on her education plan and how she plans to fund infrastructure changes.

"It was more of a political speech than anything," said Seawright.

Haley says she will not implement an expansion of Medicaid as called for in the federal health care law, and she will not support raising the gas tax to pay for road and bridge work.