Gov. McMaster cuts ribbon opening solar farm


One community is focusing on an alternative form of energy. We are talking solar energy. Could it be a more viable option in South Carolina in the future?

Governor Henry McMaster celebrated progress toward renewable solar energy. He along with civic leaders and investors cut the ribbon for the newest solar farm in Saluda county. "We want to be sure that the people of South Carolina have plenty of power," governor McMaster said.

The solar panels will blast 4.6 megawatts and be the prime energy source for 600 homes throughout the county. The governor said it will also help boost their economy. "When you have great economic development most of your other problems either dissipate or disappear," governor McMaster said.

Sitting on 46 acres of land and more than $6.4 million invested its projected to bring in $26,000 in its first year to Saluda county. Zoe Hanes, President of Pine Gate Renewables said solar energy is much cheaper than before. She believes it's also a reliable and clean source of free energy, thanks to the sun. "Solar is becoming mainstream and it's not just a fringe source of energy for people who are advocates for clean renewable energy," Hanes said. "It is in the mix, and it's happening."

Even as this source of energy grows, the governor doesn't think the state will see a total shift to it, despite a failed nuclear project in Jenkinsville. "We're trying to have a nuclear renaissance in the country for a lot of reasons." governor McMaster said. "One, which is national security, we have to have that nuclear capability."

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