Grady Patterson laid to rest

Family, friends, former colleagues and politicians from all levels of government honored the late Grady Patterson Thursday.

Funeral services for the long-time State Treasurer Patterson were held at Shandon Presbyterian Church. Patterson served in the Treasurer's office for nearly 40 years.

Hundreds gathered in Columbia to remember the staple in the community. The long-time Treasurer was laid to rest Thursday afternoon.

"He was always very proficient in his job, dedicated to his work and an outstanding public serviceman," said mourner Crosby Lewis.

A serviceman who devoted years to maintaining the state's public funds.

"His greatest service was his care and attendance to the finances of the state of South Carolina," said Lewis.

Mr. Patterson leaves behind a long standing tradition of public service, but those who knew him well say his greatest legacy was his love and devotion to friends and family.

"He adored his family and I always admired that about him," said mourner Martha Edens.

Patterson's bride of 58 years was surrounded by her children and other mourners, who were saddened by his loss; but grateful for his many contributions.

"I think his greatest legacy was fairness," said Edens. "He didn't look at labels.

"He was an honest and good man," said Lewis.

He was also a man who served his country during World War II. Patterson received full military honors Thursday.

It was an honorable and final salute to Grady Leslie Patterson, Jr.