Grieving mother asking for help

COLUMBIA (WACH) - "Officers came to the door. And when I saw officers at the door, I thought maybe you know they were looking for somebody. I had no idea that they were going to come and bring me such news as they did."

Four years ago Annie Williams received the news no parent wants to hear. Her son, 33 year old Rodney Williams, had been killed in a hit and run.

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Since that day, the Orangeburg mother has been living every parent's worst nightmare...not knowing how or why her son was ran over on an April night.

Troopers say say someone hit Rodney Williams near the Bluff Road entrance ramp to I-77. Since the 2010 accident, investigators have had little clues and evidence as to what happened.

For Annie Williams, she just wants answers to why her son was taken so soon.

"He was always helpful. If somebody's car broke down, Rodney knew a lot about cars and the repair of cars, and would help them to repair their car. All they had to do was ask or say that they needed some help, and Rodney would be right there to help them." says Annie.

But no one was there to help Rodney on that fateful night. Four years later, the South Carolina Highway Patrol is still searching for answers.

"We're still searching for what happened. We know at some point he was struck by a vehicle on the exit ramp from Interstate 77 and Bluff road. We know that. What led up to it? We know he was at an establishment prior. Was there an altercation that occured? Could he have been in a vehicle where somebody pushed him out of? You know, there's a lot of unknowns at this point and we're begging the community to come out and give this mother some closure." says Lance Corporal David Jones of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Closure that Annie says she won't have until she knows exactly what happened to her son.

She is begging anyone with information to come forward to bring closure to a grieving mother.

"Think about a mother losing her child. And think, you know, if that was your mother that you would want your mother to know what happened to her child." Annie says.

Rodney's family has reached out for help before. To read that story, visit:

The South Carolina Highway Patrol urges anyone with information about this incident to come forward.

Or call 1-888-CRIME-SC to relay any information you may have.