Group collects 2,300 thank you cards for troops

GILBERT (WACH) -- The hard-work of a volunteer group in the Midlands paid off Monday.

Operation Thank You set up a booth at the Fourth of July Lexington County Peach Festival in Gilbert asking those in attendance to fill out a thank you card to be sent to troops overseas this Independence Day.

The group was able to collect 2,300 cards.

Once signed, they'll be sent to military chaplains to distribute.

"I've seen firsthand just how much these cards can uplift and inspire our troops," says Brian Bohlman, founder of Operation Thank You. "The recipients will definitely know that the good people of South Carolina have not forgotten them. As we celebrate Independence Day, it's important to remember the service and sacrifices of our troops and their families."

Bohlman says if you can't get out to the festival to sign a card, you can fill one out online at