Group gives back to elderly this holiday season

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The Columbia Urban League is doing its part to make sure seniors have a warm meal on the table this holiday.

The organization handed out 350 food boxes to Midlands seniors Monday.

It's all part of the 43rd annual Christmas Giving Campaign for the Elderly.

Several volunteers, many of them high schoolers, spent the morning filling the boxes with all kinds of goodies.

"A lot of times during the holidays, especially being young, you think about what you want for yourself," says volunteer Terrence Gibson. "Here, you give back and you realize you get a lot more in return when you give out into the community and things of that nature."

Columbia firefighters and volunteers delivered the boxes to seniors unable to make it to the pick up site Monday.

The event was dedicated to the memorial of Beatrice McKnight, a well respected civil rights icon and community leader.