Gubernatorial candidates take aim at each other's records

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) -- The major party candidates for South Carolina governor have started taking aim at each other's respective records.

At a Greenville biotechnology forum, Democratic Vincent Sheheen said Friday the state needs a governor who can do basic civic duties like paying their taxes on time. Republican candidate Nikki Haley's family business has been penalized three times since 2003 for not paying taxes.

About an hour later, Haley ended her speech at the forum by reminding the audience Sheheen is a lawyer. She says the state can't expect to bring in businesses with someone who only knows about making money by suing someone.

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The sniping even included an announcement by Haley's campaign for four debates across the state in October. Sheheen says Haley never talked to his campaign before releasing the schedule.

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