Haley: No password, then reveals password

Gov. Nikki Haley interview Monday. / Janet Parker

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Gov. Nikki Haley's comment apparently contradicting whether a password existed for a job application is now getting national attention.

At her first Cabinet meeting Monday, Haley said, "There was no password. The password was where I graduated from high school," addressing differences between tax records and the job application for the Lexington Medical Center. Watch the entire interview above.

Haley's tax records show she was making $22,000 at her parent's clothing store, but her job application to the medical center showed she was making $125,000 a year.

Haley has since said she didn't put that number on the application and didn't tell anyone she made that much. Lexington Medical Center officials say it'd be hard for someone else to fill out the application because they'd need personal information along with Haley's password.

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Lexington Medical Center hired Haley as a fundraiser in August 2008 at a salary of $110,000 per year. She left the position in April 2010 after beginning her campaign for governor. Records show Haley requested to take a leave-of-absence from the position, but that request was denied. Haley and the hospital ultimately agreed to a $35,000 severance package and an agreement the hospital would not made any detrimental public statements about Haley.

South Carolina Democrats have called for a investigation and have labeled the application incident as identity theft.

Haley also addressed any conflict of interest that may have existed between her roll as a state representative and the hospital. She explained she worked very hard not to cross any lines when it came to the creation of a heart center at the facility.

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