Haley signs recorded voting bill into law

Haley signs recorded voting bill Tuesday. / Adam Pinsker

COLUMBIA (WACH, AP) -- Gov. Nikki Haley has signed a bill requiring more roll call votes in South Carolina's House and Senate.

Haley signed the recorded voting legislation Tuesday at the State House.

It was an issue central to Haley's come-from-behind campaign for governor last year.

"While I started out, it was just me and Representative Ballentine, we saw we had other people join us," Haley says. "All these people behind us, they want accountability."

Haley complained three years ago about legislation slipping through the House that would have sweetened retirement pay for legislators. She joined the South Carolina Policy Council and then-Gov. Mark Sanford in criticizing legislators for how much of the Legislature's work was done with no recorded votes.

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The bill requires roll call votes on every bill on second reading, each section of the state budget as well as when the House and Senate approve compromise versions of legislation.

"This is about accountability in South Carolina, and this is about the people having the right to know what their elected officials are doing all the time, because elected officials work for the people, not the other way around," Haley added.

Haley says the bill shows government works for the people.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)