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      Haley to explain vetoes in SC's $6.7B budget

      COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Gov. Nikki Haley has struck out 81 items from the Legislature's budget and a separate bill spending money from a rainy day account.

      Items Haley wants removed from the budget include $10 million allocated to school districts to help boost teachers' salaries. Local projects she calls wasteful earmarks include money for a North Myrtle Beach museum, preserving African-American history sites in Charleston and preserving the nation's first community of freed slaves in Beaufort County.

      Haley issued the vetoes late Thursday. She scheduled a news conference Friday afternoon to explain what she vetoed from lawmakers' $6.7 billion budget, as well as a bill designating $100 million from money set aside last year that wasn't needed.

      Legislators will return to Columbia later to consider overriding her vetoes.