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      Harmon's Tree Farm preparing to celebrate its last Christmas

      GILBERT, S.C. (WACH) -- For many families cutting down a Christmas tree is a staple of holiday tradition, but there will soon be one less place to get that perfect pine.

      Harmon's Tree Farm has been in business for decades, but it is now preparing to close its doors for good.

      "We've got two people looking at the property, and if it sells, I guess we won't be here next year," said owner Diann Harmon. "But if it doesn't, I guess we'll be here next year too."

      After her husband died a year ago, Harmon says she's ready to retire the farm, causing families who have returned for generations to find a new place to complete their tradition.

      "We've got people coming to us that came as children," said Harmon. "And they've grown up and they've gotten married. They've had children."

      Even though those kids won't get to return to the farm with children of their own, Harmon says she's proud of the memories that were created there over the years.

      "I enjoyed seeing people at the happiest times," said Harmon. "Everybody was just happy and having a good time.... And it helps bring the family together, you know, the Christmas tree does."