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      Harvest Hope helping recipients in season of giving

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - WACH Fox is once again teaming up with Harvest Hope Food Bank for the annual Share Your Holiday food drive. Throughout the event, we will be focusing on recipients like Alice Meyer, whose life has had a positive impact from Harvest Hope.

      It has been a tough few years for the Gaston woman. Meyer worked as an Operations Manager for a local air conditioning company for four years until she was laid off several years ago. The divorced mother of four got another job shortly after, but it did not last long.

      "The company decided to put all of their collection personnel in their home office in Alabama. So again, through no fault of my own, I was left jobless," said Meyer.

      Meyer floated from job to job and struggled to make ends meet. That is when she heard about Harvest Hope. She decided she wanted to put others ahead of herself.

      "Because of all of the people around me and all of the need," Meyer said. " I just felt like I am one person, I do not have little ones anymore. I really did not want to take away from them. But the lady behind the counter was kind enough to follow me outside. She said 'You do have a need.'"

      Meyer has been coming to Harvest Hope the last 6 months, but only when she is in desperate need. She said the food bank gives her about two weeks of food, and urges others participate.

      "Let people know that you need help. I truly believe what you give to others when you have a need, they will help you," said Meyer.

      Meyer says even the smallest donation can turn a family's fortune around.

      "Even if it is two cans of beans, you don't know what that can do for somebody."

      Right now, Meyer is working as a substitute teacher and playing music all over Columbia. She is still trying to better her life by looking for permanent work. Thanks to Harvest Hope, she knows it is possible.