Harvest Hope Product Rescue keeping donations safe for consumers

Volunteers go through donated items on a assembly line that they create.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Alexis Wasson is just one of the many volunteers at Harvest Hope who spends her time working in the Product Rescue division.

â??You look for the date and you look if there are any dents. You make sure that the cans are not punctured," says Alexis Wasson, Harvest Hope Volunteer.

Itâ??s here where damaged goods are tossed out.

Volunteers go through donated items on a assembly line that they create.

â??We sort them out and place them in various boxes for fruits, meats, vegetables, condiments, and we go through every single box all these palettes one by one,â?? says Wasson.

It can take hours for the process to be complete.

â??We separate the juices, we separate household products,â?? says Wasson.

Harvest Hope serves 30 counties within the Palmetto State.

Alexis says she loves giving back and that every time she volunteers she remembers it could be her one day who needs help.

â??We are so blessed and fortunate. I know I am to just be able to give back and you never know when your going to be on the other end and you need assistance,â?? says Wasson.

Share Your Holiday Food Drive will take place Wednesday November 28.

We'll be located outside First Baptist Church in Downtown, Columbia and at the Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union in Lexington throughout the day.