Harvest Hope still reeling from losing thousands of dollars in food

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Harvest Hope is still reeling from the broken sprinkler that dumped 2,000 gallons of water into their freezer and warehouse. And while we knew the situation wasn't good last week when we first broke the story, we now have some solid numbers to show just how much damage was done.

"We lost about $25,000 worth of food and you know, every dollar provides five meals. You could say that's about 125,000 meals we could not provide due to direct water damage to food product in our freezer." says Skot Garrick from Harvet Hope.

And that isn't even the worst of it.

Skot says the hardest hit came when they had to shut down the warehouse to clean up all the water.

That meant no delivery trucks could drive into the warehouse, which meant a whole day without food deliveries.

"So the day, Thursday, that we had to shut down to clean up, we lost about 82,000 pounds worth of food coming in and coming out. That's approximately $132,000 worth of inventory that we did not receive that we could not make available to struggling families in south carolina." Garrick says.

So Harvest Hope is working overtime to make up for what they lost.. Skot says they really need donations of non-perishable food items with a long shelf life. So things like canned goods, pasta, and dry goods would be greatly appreciated.

Any donations can be dropped off at their warehouse location at 2220 Shop Road in Columbia.