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      Harvest Hope takes help on the road

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Harvest Hope food bank operates in 20 counties throughout the Midlands. However, for those in need who are unable to make it to a Harvest Hope location, mobile food pantries will come to them.

      "We will come out to these areas and provide food to these communities that would otherwise have a hard time getting to Harvest Hope or other places where they can find food," said Skot Garrick.

      People who depend on Harvest Hope are not your average needy clients.

      Garrick says that eighty-five percent of Harvest Hope's clients are not homeless. In fact, they're employed and sometimes college-educated.

      He adds that forty-six percent of the clients who get food from Harvest Hope own their homes, and usually seek assistance for three months.

      "They're folks who have hit some type of obstacle who have some type of crisis that leave them to a state where they need food," said Garrick.

      Obstacles stem from financial to medical.

      "They have a very tough choice to make asking for someone's help for something as basic as food. We want to make sure we are there for them," said Garrick.

      On average, Harvest Hope gives out food to 75 families at each location from the mobile food pantries.