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      Has the federal government shutdown affected you?

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH)- If you thought about visiting tourist locations in South Carolina such as the Congaree National Park, you may have heard, "because of the Federal Government shutdown, the park is closed until further notice."

      That's a phrase many people are hearing while trying to access numerous federal agencies after the House and Senate could not reach an agreement on the 2013- 2014 fiscal year budget.

      As for the Palmetto State, without a budget, federal employees here were sent home until further notice.

      "They won't be able to work. They won't be able to get paid while they're not working," said USC Professor, Bill Hauk.

      Hauk says employees of federal government agencies which are essential to the government will continue working. This includes the military, but while President Obama did sign a bill to ensure that military operations continue, the bill only includes those who are in active duty.

      On the WACH Fox Facebook page, John Crowder says "I'm embarrassed by the effectiveness of our government. It weighs on my soul."

      Kimberly Hicks adds "It did affect my fiancÃ. He's in the army and he drove to Missouri for training. Now he's coming back. I personally think the senate is full of it."

      The last Federal Government shut down was in the 1995-1996 fiscal year. That shut down lasted for 21 days, and cost the country more than 1 billion dollars.

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