Heart healthy menu debuts at hospital association

Columbia (WACH)- A Columbia hospital association is making a change and offering heart healthy options to employees and visitors. They held a taste testing event Friday to decide the best new menu items.

The South Carolina Hospital Association and the American Heart Association are partnering up and unveiling a taste of what their conference facility is now serving up.

Rozalynn Goodwin with the SC Hospital Association says they TMre focusing more on prevention and wellness. This reinventing the menu using AHA guidelines is a small change that can produce big results.

We are celebrating a leadership stance our association and our board has taken to make out work environment more healthy, says Goodwin.

She says people spend most of their time at work so if unhealthy foods are available that's what they'll eat throughout the day. According the American Heart Association, millions of people consume fat-laden calories and don't hit the gym as often as they should. And that could cause more than an expanding waistline.

Andrea Marks is with the AHA. She says, Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans, of South Carolinians and it's preventable.

Marks says eating well is a great way to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

Goodwin hopes these fun menu alternatives will keep her co-workers happy and heart healthy.

For more information on heart healthy food choices visit the American Heart Association website.