Heat can't beat gardeners

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Frank Allen is the founder of Led by Grace Landscaping and Lawncare.

His teenage sons help him out during the hot summer months.

Wednesday they spent the day landscaping at the Word of God Church & Ministries construction site on Broad River Road.

Allen says he's always prepared for the triple digit heat.

"We try to get out early around 6am. Have plenty of water and Gatorades, says Allen.

Allen says these hot days serve as a warning to folks who plan on gardening.

I recommend you water early in the morning or towards the evening when the sun is down. If you want to do any planting wait until the fall, at least till the heat dies off," says Allen.

Doctors say if you continue with planting or landscaping make sure to pay attention to your body.

"If you stop sweating or your sweating decreases than you need to know that your probably getting closer to heat exhaustion or heat stroke," Dr. Heidi Neal, Palmetto Health.

Allen says the heat will likely scorch your grass and anything else you've planted so think twice about applying fertilizer.

"I would not suggest putting any weed killer in your yard. If you do put fertilizer, you want to make sure it TMs moist and apply when its cool out and make sure you water it into the soil," says Allen.

Doctors say if you decide to take to the yard be mindful of the time of day.

"Everyone thinks that it TMs hottest around noon or right in the middle of the day. Actually the hottest part of the day is 3pm-6pm so you still need to be careful," says Dr. Neal.

Allen says it may be hot but he finds time to cool off and enjoy work with his sons.

Just take it easy try not to press to hard. You have to make a living no matter its hot or not. It was rough but we made it praise God," says Allen.

For more information on landscaping: visit Led By Grace Landscaping and Lawncare website.