Heavy rainfall threatens Lake Wateree

We remain in a drought situation here in South Carolina, so the weekend rain was a good thing. Unless you have property around Lake Wateree. The water level there has gone up nearly a foot since Sunday, and it's still rising.

It would likely cost millions to upgrade the 90-year-old lake, but resident Rick Noble says it's well worth it. Noble hopes Lake Wateree flood gates, and a better notification system come soon.

"This dam certainly needs some treatment," says Noble. "It needs some modification to protect people and property as well as wildlife."

Noble and his wife have lived on this lakefront property for six years. Recent rainfall has their flood concerns rising as fast as the lake levels.

"It can go up quite quickly and that's what we are witnessing here," said Noble. "A rise of over a foot in just the last 24 hours."

And this may be just the beginning. Duke Energy predicts the lake level will reach it's 100 foot maximum by Tuesday. Noble expects it to go even higher.

"I wouldn't be surprised to see it go to 101 or 102," said Noble. "Most of us who have built out here can handle that."

But most, isn't all.

"It comes in their houses," said Noble. "And if someone comes along in a boat and creates a bit of a wake, could you imagine a wave coming across your dining room floor?"

Noble says the best monitoring devices are the residents.

"For homeowners who live here, we have to warn our neighbors," said Noble. "And we have to look out for our neighbors as well."

Rick Noble says he saw the lake rise as much as 104 feet last year.