Heavy rains soak Columbia

Devine Street flooding / Chris Abbotts

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Heavy rains soaked the capital city Friday morning leading to problems for those trying to get around town.

At least one car became stuck in rising waters on South Beltline Boulevard as the rains quickly swamped some intersections.

Columbia-Richland Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins is asking for motorists to be aware and cautious while driving through areas with standing water or roadways that have the potential for flooding.

Chief Jenkins adds there are a number of intersections and roadways that often encounter flooding during periods of heavy rains and that these locations create dangerous situations for motorists who attempt to drive through standing water.

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Chief Jenkins warns motorists should not attempt to drive through standing water at intersections and roadways because drivers often under estimate the depth of water in roadways which is a leading cause for vehicles becoming disabled, submerged and people becoming victims of water rescues.

Check out the SkyWACH Doppler page for the latest radar images as the rain moves across the Palmetto State.

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