High court to hear professor's case Wednesday

The SC Supreme Court will hear a USC professor's case against the Budget and Control Board on Wednesday.

COLUMBIA (WACH/AP) â?? Health insurance premiums are on the docket for the South Carolina Supreme Court on Wednesday, as they hear a University of South Carolina professorâ??s case against the Budget and Control Board.

The suit was filed by Thomas Bryson after the panelâ??s vote in August to split the cost between workers and employers, raising rates on both by 4.6 percent.

A decision made by lawmakers allowed for the state budget to provide money for public agencies to cover the increases, but Bryon feels the panel does not have the authority to raise the rates, regardless of the action taken by the legislators.

The increase was blocked by the state Supreme Court until they could hear the case. Proposed legislation would keep premiums the same throughout 2013 regardless of the board's decision.

(The AP contributed to this story)