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      High school wrestling coach running to save lives of Cambodian children

      COLUMBIA (WACH)-A high school wrestling coach stopped in the Palmetto state to rest up before his next stop.

      Nels Matson, a congenital heart defect survivor, has a mission to save seven children in Cambodia who are suffering from a congenital heart defect.

      He says it is because of the care he received that he is able to do something like this.

      "A lot of these children have been through even tougher battles than I have, â??said Matson. "They inspire me by seeing how courageous they are going through their fights."

      Matson is completing an ultra run as the first fundraiser of his foundation, Tri 4 number 1, to benefit the charity "Hearts without Boundaries." The organization funds cardiac teams from the United States that perform heart surgeries on poor children in Cambodia.

      So far Matson has raised $12,000, which will cover four children ($3,000 per procedure).

      His goal is to reach $21,000 by the time he reaches his final destination in Washington, DC.

      To learn how you can help Matson reach his goal, log onto