Hip surgery gives woman back her life

For most of her adult life, Lynn Smith struggled with debilitating pain. But when every day activities became too much to bear, she knew she needed to improve her quality of life.

"I was being limited more and more on what my daily activities were, Smith says. I could tell that window was getting smaller with what I could do without a great deal of pain."

Smith was born with hip dysplasia and over time, she found it hard to do everyday activities like walking and sitting for long periods of time. When she went in for x-rays, her doctor in her home state of New York suggested she mail them to Dr. Thomas Gross with midlands orthopedic. He says Smith TMs case is similar to others he has seen.

"The cartilage is gone and bone is rubbing on bone, nerve fibers are stimulated and that's what we're dealing with".

Dr. Gross adds that Smith TMs x-rays show she is a good candidate for bi-lateral hip resurfacing, a procedure he's ranked number three in the country for performing.

"The strategy for fixing it is replacing the cartilage layer. We've been doing this since the 1950's with various techniques and they've gotten better, but we have to put an implant on each side of the joint", says Gross.

Smith traveled to Columbia to have the procedure at Providence Northeast. She was already up and walking with assistance the same day as the surgery.

"I could feel how much stronger my leg was. It was an amazing difference," says Smith.

Starting physical therapy the same day as surgery- is not uncommon with hip resurfacing. Someone who had total hip replacement would likely not be so mobile - so fast.

Dr. Gross says, "the implants are so durable and the technique of putting them in are so good a patient can perform at a higher level than they could before."

Smith is excited to get her life back. She has to do some exercises at home but she should be able to be active without pain in about a year.

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