Historic win changing the face of Orangeburg

One Midlands man is changing the face of Orangeburg with a historic win.

ORANGEBURG (WACH) --- Michael Butler surprised to be the first African-American Mayor for the City of Orangeburg.

Butler beating out incumbent Paul Miller who was mayor for 12 years.

Butler becoming the mayor last October after winning 53 percent of the votes.

Heâ??ll be the mayor for the next four years.

â??I want them to see me as a person of commitment. I want to look back four years from now and have a checklist and say we did this we did that,â?? says Michael Butler, Mayor.

Butler says right now he's working on giving the city a facelift.

â??Revitalization. Iâ??m searching for a name to call the city of Orangeburg cleanup crew. Weâ??re going to clean up the city. There are alot of dilapidated homes,â?? says Butler.

Folks are expressing the need for arts as well.

â??They want to see a theatre, thatâ??s one of the main cries. They want to see a bowling alley. They want to see the mall get more stores. We want to see more jobs come into the area,â?? says Butler.

When Butler is not at city hall he's a few blocks away, here at Victory Tabernacle.

Thatâ??s because Butler is also a pastor.

Heâ??s been a man of the cloth for 29 years.

â??When its time for me to go to preach I go and preach and I do what I need to do at the church and I leave that there. When itâ??s time for me to come to the city to be the mayor,â?? says Butler.

The church teaming up with USC and Claflin to combat HIV/AIDS and Cervical Cancer.

And speaking of collegeâ??s Butler thinking about ways that students can have fun in Orangeburg.

Claflin and SC State are in the heart of the city .

â??They want a little more social life. Have them a nice little five points around here,â?? says Butler.

Heâ??s working on ideas for families as well.

â??We want to be children friendly too. Ice cream shops downtown, Monkeys Joes here,â?? says Butler.

As we reflect on Black History some say there's no need to focus on race but mayor Butler disagrees.

â??Fought a good fight kept the faith perseverance. All those things that it took for our race to be where we are today,â?? says Butler.