Hitting the road safely for the holidays

Holiday travel increases.

Columbia, SC (WACH) -- The South Carolina Highway Patrol will be on high alert during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

More drivers are on the road during the holiday time period and that proposes more opportunities for accidents.

Lance Corporal Brent Kelly says wearing a seat belt is critical when hitting the road.

"About 60% of our fatalities this year is from people not restrained or buckled up," said Kelly.

Bobbi Jackson lost her 11-month-old grandson in a car crash last year.

"The accident Aiden wasn't restrained properly," said Jackson. I'm out here giving out information that can hopefully help someone else properly restrain their child."

Jackson volunteers with a group called the Families of Highway Fatalities she says that helping others also helps her healing process.

"It's very therapeutic yes it helps me through the day," said Jackson.

The State Highway Patrol will be keeping close tabs on drivers this holiday season the goal to to reduce the number of highway fatalities.