Home Depot building hope for those less fortunate

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Team Depot from Home Depot breaking a sweat for two days for a man called Wendell Singletary.

Home Depot crews say the former USC student had an asthma attack which lead to a heart attack three years ago.

Singletary than became confined to a wheelchair making it difficult for him to get around.

A family member contacted Home Depot and after hearing his story workers there decided to build him a wheelchair accessible deck in his backyard.

Team Depot says this is their way of giving back to the community and helping families care for their loved ones.

â??We wanted for him to have the ability to come outside easily. They havenâ??t had that ability to do that and this will give them a chance to be out with nature, see whatâ??s going on out here. He is able to visually see and communicate with the family. So that will definitely bring alot of happiness to his life,â?? says Chris Schigel, Home Depot, Two Notch Road Columbia

If you know someone in need of assistance like this contact the Home Depot.