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      Homeless man seeks shelter in the rain

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - Rain has been in the forecast for many days, and some residents in the community have already started preparing for possible storm warnings.

      However, though the normal precautions to seek shelter may come easy for some, other have to make different plans.

      "I thank God for the rain," said Gene Holloman. "It's a blessing that it's still cool."

      Holloman is homeless and has been living out of his car for close to four months. He says he is fine with the rain the Midlands has received lately, due to his car not having air condition.

      "It's a major struggle, I see a lot of people without cars walking in the rain getting soaked," said Holloman.

      Although rain has hit the city hard, Wayne Fields, President of the Oliver Gospel Mission, says beds stay full regardless of the weather conditions.

      "We do see a slight increase in the number of meals we've served," said Fields. "There are people who eat at the mission who don't sleep at the mission.

      Fields says when the Oliver Gospel Mission has reached its capacity, those in need of shelter look to alternatives such as bridges, parks, and the public library.

      Thus far, the Midlands has bypassed the amount of rain received in 2012.