Honor flight takes off for WWII vets

WWII Vets prepare to leave Columbia Metropolitan Airport Wednesday morning.

COLUMBIA (WACH)-- More than one hundred World War II veterans from across South Carolina are in Washington, D.C., to visit the WWII Memorial and other sites.

There have been several honor flights the past couple years, but this is the first one sponsored by a company, the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina.

"They're absolutely overwhelmed that the United States has created finally, a monument in their honor," said flight coordinator Ron Saxton. "Very emotional for many of them."

Many of the veterans on board are seeing the monument for the first time since it was dedicated in 2004.

"I said, I aint flying, I aint flying no more." Veteran Dewitt Elliot was unsure if he wanted to make the trip initially. "I thought about it, and a few days later I called in and got on the flight."

Eliott drove to Columbia Metropolitan Airport with his sister from his home in Cherokee County Tuesday.

Paxton says a couple veterans who were scheduled to make the flight were either too ill, or had passed away since making their reservations.

More honor flights are scheduled for this spring and summer.