Hoping for a BOOM in sales

WEST COLUMBIA (WACH) - If your shopping list lately has included some...different...items lately, you're not alone.

The owner of Discount Fireworks in West Columbia says the door has been opening more frequently in recent days, and he doesn't mind a bit.

"It's starting to pick up. The weekend was busier. Tonight will be a little slower. But each day - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be extremely busy." says Mike Hughes, the owner of Discount Fireworks.

All building up to the big day on Friday, which Hughes is hopefully optimistic will mean a boom in sales.

"Being on a Friday this year, we'll have record number of sales. Extra staff in place. We're really excited about it. Friday, Saturday, and probably Sunday will be pretty good." Hughes says.

When it comes to those sales and knowing what to buy, sometimes the best things come in big boxes.

If you're looking for the biggest bang for your buck, you can get a kit at Discount Fireworks for around $45. It includes missiles, reloadable artillery shells, sparklers, and a bunch of other fun stuff.

The store says if you buy something like one of the kits, they'll throw in a fun surprise for the kids.

"We have all different types. These are for your young children, mostly. We have frog fountains. World's Highest fountains. Lava lamps. We have all different types." says Hughes.

If you're feeling daring, another big seller is something called the Dirty Dozen.

"These are actually reloadables. You take them them, insert them their one single shot with a giant effect in the sky." Hughes states.

No matter whether you celebrate Independence Day with a Fighting Rooster or Balls of Fire fireworks, just make sure you get out and celebrate the red white and blue.