House holds Sanford impeachment hearing

House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing / Courtesy ETV

Concerns about Governor Mark Sanford's June disappearing act once again in the spotlight Tuesday. Seven lawmakers meeting to talk about Sanford's future as the governor of the state.

"I can assure the governor and the public that this committee will make every effort to see that a fair, open and transparent process; and one that will ensure fundamental fairness," said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Harrison.

"He left his state, he left this country without notifying anyone in authority," said Representative Greg Delleney. "He was in affect AWOL."

Lawmakers are trying to determine if the Governor's conduct breached any constitutional standard.

A South Carolina governor hasn't been impeached since 1877. But at least one lawmaker thinks history will be rewritten.

"The Governors actions and misconduct brought extreme dishonor and shame to the office of governor of South Carolina," said Delleney.

"We have this impeachment resolution before us, we will review it carefully and hopefully come up with a decision which is in the best interest of the citizens of South Carolina," said Representative Walt McLeod.

Lawmakers are vowing to examine the Governor's conduct until that resolution is reached.