Houston's Low Country Grill closes the doors

Columbia, S.C (WACH)--A Midlands business closes the doors without notice.

Houston's Low Country Grill opened in September 2010.

Operating short of 2 years, business owners Frank and Millie Houston said that they were not getting enough regular customers on a daily basis to sustain business.

Employees said that they were told July 2, that the restaurant would be closing.

The former workers are not only without a job but they have not received their last paycheck.

Felicia Hill, former customer of Houston's and friend of several who were employed there is concerned and doesn't think the short notice departure is professional.

"They were supposed to get paid last Friday, but they told them that they didn't have the money" said Hill. "So they would try to pay them Wednesday, a lot of my friends are still waiting on their checks."

Several business's in the North Main Plaza have gone out of business.

City leaders say that they are trying to change that negative trend one business at a time.

"This is not something that will happen overnight," said Teresa Wilson, Assistant City Manager. "It's a continuous relentless effort."

Former Houston's employees are hopeful that they will receive their final paycheck July 11.