How to keep your kids safe in brutal summer heat

COLUMBIA (WACH) - The sound of children playing brings a smile to your face.

However, playing can be dangerous if you don't play it smart with your child in this brutal heat.

That safety starts with what they eat.

Doctors warn against a popular heat remedy that actually hurts more than helps.

"An old fashioned heat idea is that you should take salt tablets and that's a really bad idea." says Dr. Guy Castles from Pediatric Associates.

Salt tablets delay your body's absorption of water and simply aren't necessary.

Rather, doctors suggest eating liquid based foods such as applesauce and fruits like watermelon.

Water is also a well-known crucial step.

Randall Brown from Benedict College's Child Development Center says the child care facility makes sure children have regular water breaks during play time and limit their time outdoors.

"We bring them out for no more than 5 to 25 minutes at the most and we just kind of keep them together. Every 5 or 10 minutes we let them go inside and take a water break." says Brown.

It's important not just for adults to know how to stay safe in this heat, but also to educate children so they know how to speak up when enough is enough.

That's because some symptoms of heat exhaustion are hard for a parent to spot.

Doctor Castles says your child simply having a red face doesn't necessarily mean anything because flushing is the body's natural reaction to heat.

"Signs of heat exhaustion are more like dizziness, fatigue, cramping, those type of things. Not flushing." explains Dr. Castles.

Another important step to keeping your child safe is simply limiting their time outside overall during this heat wave, especially during the middle of the day.

Also, let your child sweat.

Doctors say placing ice cold towels on hot skin is bad because it traps the hot blood inside your body and sends it to the brain.

So let your kids sweat it out because that is the healthiest option.