Hundreds attend tax day Tea Party

Hundreds of people rallied on state house grounds Thursday for a tax day tea party. The groups mission is to take aim at lawmakers - specifically government spending and taxation.

Governor Mark Sanford made an appearance and received both applause and heckling. It was a very different reaction last year for Governor Sanford who was seen by many to be the poster boy for the limited government movement.

Tea party activist Joan Brown says, It is very scary to know that what we see happening is happening in other countries and now is happening in America and we have to stop it."

Demonstrator Tony Fantetti used his lunch hour to attend the rally.

"I think we all need to turn to country around as citizens and let Washington know that they work for us and we don't work for them."

20 year old Philip Brown says he does not consider himself a part of the tea party movement, but he supports several of the parties causes.

"I TMm really happy to see so many people out here today to support their freedoms in America, he says. They TMre concerned for what's going on in Washington right now."

While some demonstrator hoisted flags saying "Don't Tread On Me", others hold signs saying "Wake up America" and "Justice is blind- Congress is deaf.