Hundreds of illegal gambling machines found in warehouse

"This is the largest seizure that we've come across." said Thom Berry of SLED

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - A Monday morning report of smoke at a Swansea warehouse led to a huge discovery of illegal gambling machines.

According to the State Law Enforcement Division more than 700 machines were found inside the warehouse.

"This is the largest seizure that we've come across." said Thom Berry of SLED

SLED says the illegal gambling machines were stored and repaired at the warehouse.

Investigators even found mother boards and circuit boards that allowed the machines to offer different games.

SLED believes the machines were sent to different states after finding permits for North Carolina and Alabama on several of the machines.

"We brought in a Magistrate and he looked at each one of the machines and the judge ruled each one of the machines illegal and ordered them seized," adds Berry.

The judge even signed and dated each machine after inspection.

SLED says these machines are similar to the ones they've seized from convenience stores and other locations around the state.

Lexington County has been under the microscope after law enforcement has shutdown several gambling operations around the county, SLED says Monday's bust could become part of a larger case.

"Right now this is just part of an investigation that we have underway, information that we are able to learn from this particular seizure will become part of that larger investigation," said Berry.

SLED says the machines will be stored for evidence and then destroyed.