Hundreds of items headed to Hurricane Harvey relief


Columbia, S.C. (WACH) - A local man has raised thousands of items for those affected by Harvey...but he started two years ago.

Roger Brasley, founder of the Sally R. Brasley foundation, begin raising items after the floods caused major damage in the Midlands back in 2015.

"We had a family three weeks ago that just got placed since the floods. People don't understand the complete devastation these floods cause."

Now, an almost 10,000 square foot warehouse is full of items his organization has collected these past couple of years, ready to go.

"We have beds, we have sofas," said Brasley. 'Lots of dressers, desks, kitchen tables and chairs. If you wanna give us clothes, furniture, food or whatever, water, we'll be glad to take it and make sure it gets in the hands of those that need it."

Brasley says his team will hit the hardest hit areas personally, but in few weeks when, he says, the items will be most needed.

"We have flood maps and we ask those we give the items to for ID, the necessary proof of where they live, what they lost, etc," said Brasley. "It's important to know where you donate, as well, because some organizations don't donate all proceeds to those who need it. And that's why we ask for items more so than money."

Brasley says, with the potential danger of Hurricane Irma as it approaches the U.S., he will hold off on giving up all the items. And he also says, therefore, more donations are always welcome.

If you would like to donate items or funds, email Roger Brasley at

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