Hundreds protest 5 day postal delivery service

RICHLAND CO. (WACH)--Rain, sleet and snow has not stopped mail carriers from doing their job six days a week. But a proposed cost-cutting measure may do just that.

Hundreds of people rallied at the post office on Clemson Rd. They were voicing their displeasure on a proposal that would only have mail delivery for five days instead of six. Parcels would only be delivered on Saturdays.

Supporters of the idea, like South Carolina Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe say it would save a lot of money. The U.S. Postal Service reported a $1.3 Billion loss in the last three months of 2012.

But protesters say the problem is pre-funding for future retiree benefits. They say that costs the agency $32 billion.

Congressional District 2 Liaison Richard Jones said mail service essential to many people.

"People in the rural areas, elders, seniors, cannot be cut off from six days a week delivery," Jones said. "We have people that live out in the rural areas. This is their only way of communication."

Protesters added that Postmaster General Donahoe will make the five day system effective August 9; even though lawmakers in Washington D.C. will not make a decision until September.

The protest was one of about 100 around the country.