Incredible athletes signing up for the trip of a lifetime

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Saurday was a very exciting day for some incredible athletes who got to sign up for the trip of a lifetime.

"This is our Special Olympics South Carolina USA Games Registration Day. So our 125 athletes that are going to the Games next June in New Jersey are here making sure they've got their paperwork done, their photographs, their medical forms all situated so that they can go and represent South Carolina and Special Olympics in New Jersey next summer." says Leigh Cheatham from the Special Olympics.

Athletes like Josh Myers.

"I'll be competing in Aquatics, which is swimming." says Josh.

And Josh has a very special reason for wanting to compete in the Games.

"I'm going to do this for a girl named Molly Kesh who died earlier this year due to a heart attack while walking." explains Josh.

When Josh's mom told him he was chosen to go to the Games, he was in disbelief. And he discovered another very exciting fact soon after.

"When she told me that I was like, holy snap. Are you kidding me? And I just found out that the WWE is going to sponsor these games. I'm a huge WWE fan." Josh says.

Josh is also looking forward to all the other athletes he will meet at the Games.

"I'm definitely looking forward to meeting my teammates. Not just for Aquatics, but the other teammates from the other sports they're doing." states Josh.

And one last thing he's exciting about?

"I'm just happy to see one of my favorite superstars...John Cena!" exclaims Josh.

With an attitude like that, it's easy to see Josh is a superstar in his own right as well.